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Debian Linux on Toshiba Libretto 70CT

I would like to run a dual boot of Windows 95 and Debian Linux on my Toshiba Libretto 70CT sub-notebook. I have chosen to dual boot so I can still use Windows while I learn Debian Linux.
The specifications of my Toshiba Libretto 70CT are as follows:
Intel Pentium 120MHz MMX (0.35u, 32KB 2.2/3.3V) CPU Clock Multiplier 2, 32MB EDO, ROM 256, BUS SPEED 60, CT-65550 1mb graphics, Screensize 6.1" TFT, Yamaha OPL3 SA2 Soundblaster Compatible, Single PCMCIA Port (16bit slot 2), 6gb hdd.
Has anyone installed Debian on this model notebook? >From my previous Redhat 6.0 Linux installations on this notebook I have found there is no floppy support, it does not support the Toshiba PCMCIA floppy drive. Is there support with Debian?
I would like to buy the latest version of Debian however I am not sure if it would install and if it did how well it would perform on a low spec notebook computer such as the Libretto 70CT. Which version will work the best?
I would be grateful for installation instructions or tips from other Libretto 70CT users who have installed Debian on their Libretto.
Thank you
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