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Re: sid on a Tecra 8100 -- pcmcia and sound?

> Hey all,
> Just started a new job, and they gave me a Toshiba Tecra 8100. At work,
> the machine has a dockinsg station with a 3com 3c905-esque card in it. I
> reduced the size of the Win2k partition, and did a network install of
> sid. Everything is working except for network and sound.
> Network:
> As I said, I have a docking station with a 3com card in it. The
> Boomerang/Vortex drivers work fine with it, but when I boot the machine
> in the docking station, I have to manually tell it "ifup eth0" before I
> get network connectivity. This should be an automatic thing.
go to your /etc/network interfaces and add a line about

auto eth0

...that way it will know it's okay to try.  You will get complaints from
it if you boot undocked, but at least it will do what you want when it is.

You *might* have to make it eth1... I've seen that happen a couple of times.

> The machine also has a Xircom 10/100 NIC in the pcmcia port. I can't get
> this to work at all. I am running pcmcia-cs 3.1.31-6 and kernel 2.4.17.
> I went through all of the sites (except one that won't answer) for the
> Tecra 8100, and all of them were basic install documents with RedHat. I
> have a Tecra 8000, and I remembered some finagling that I had to do with
> the pcmcia subsystem, so I tried them on the 8100:
> in /etc/pcmcia.opts, added "exclude irq 3,4,7,9"
> In pcmcia add
>   PCMCIA='yes'
>   PCIC=i82365
>   PCIC_OPTS="irq_list=10,11 has_ring=0"
> This did not work. What can I do to get pcmcia working on sid/2.4.17?

No clue, but maybe Karsten's giant bug report can help.
> Sound:
> Haven't really played with sound yet, was hoping to get network working
> first. But I do have alsa installed. Any caveats to setting this up?
Well, it'd be ideal if you know what sound chip it really is, because to 
my experience it's poor at guessing between multiple types from the same
manufacturer.  Oddly enough human beings have less trouble telling the 
difference :) so read your lspci output before starting to configure alsa.

> Thanks,
> --Brad

Best of luck with it

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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