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Re: ACPI under WindowMaker

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 01:59:34PM -0500, mcpierce@telocity.com wrote:
> I've started playing around with WindowMaker and saw the wmacpi applet.
> I downloaded, recompiled my kernel enabling ACPI and disabling APM,
> installed the kernel, rebooted and started the ACPI applet. But, the
> thing doesn't show any information. It's constantly at 100% (even
> thought right now I'm on 76% battery) and says that I'm in AC mode. Has
> the API for the kernel changed? I'm running the 2.4.16 kernel.

I have APM and use wmapm. It partially works: it detects whether I'm
plugged in or not, and the battery meter works too. The sleep, and
hybernate, buttons don't work though. Oh and I'm running kernel 2.4.7
on an IBM Thinkpad A21m.

> Also, I'm soliciting any recommendations for good WM applets to use. I
> grabbed them all and played around with them. I'm definitely looking for
> both AIM and ICQ clones that will integrate nicely with WindowMaker...

I don't use AIM or ICQ, so I can't hlp you there. The applets I have
normally running are:

wmapm: APM control and display
wmCalClock: calendar and clock
wmppp: ppp control and siplay
wmifs: netwrok activity display
wmbiff: fancy biff applet
wmix: sound control
wmxmms: XMMS launcher

I'm also looking for a good applet to check on system activity,
memory, etc


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