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Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

Barb <bjp@bejay.com> wrote on 02/02/2002 (14:23) :
> I have a 2500 and I have been running Mandrake because Debian (and several 
> other distros I've tried) lock up on boot up at md (whatever that is). I'd 
> love to know what that is and how to make it go away.

It was a bit tricky, but it can be done.

what I did was that I had a Windows system disc that setup your CDROM so
you can access the CDROM. Now after booting this disk I went into the
install directory in the cdrom and wrote:

loadlin.exe linpci root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin cdrom

then it boots up the installation.

Others say that they have managed by getting the idepci boot discs.

The second problem I got was the the kernel that is installed is a
kernel with md again so the machine will again hang.

What I did was the same as before using the window disc and then :

loadlin.exe linpci root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin cdrom

now you start the installation again. Choose your keyboard setup and
then hit Alt-F2 and Enter

here you have a tiny bash and you can do things. What I did was to take
a kernel I made on my other machine at the office and changed the lilo
setup so that it uses this instead. (I copied this with a floppy) Then
it booted up and I could install my files.

Preben Randhol         «For me, Ada95 puts back the joy in programming.»

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