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Re: Synaptics touchpad?

On Sun, 2002-02-10 at 07:09, Dave Thayer wrote:
> ---- /etc/gpm-syn.conf ----
> [use_wmode] Y
> [corner_taps_enabled] Y
> [upper_left_action] 3
> [lower_left_action] 2
> The only place that gpm-syn.conf is documented is in README.synaptics.
> Note that README.synaptics is missing from the sid binary debs, but it
> is in the source package. I have filed a bug report to get it included
> because using gpm-syn.conf was the key to getting everything to behave. 

Man I _wish_ I'd been able to find that documentation.  I bought a
laptop for my father recently and installed Linux on it but it became
practically unusable because of all the 'smartness' of the default
synaptics touchpad.  Especially for my father who is over 75...

I found the names of all these configuration things, as well as the name
of the configuration file, by trolling through the gpm binary, but there
is no way I would have guessed that sort of wierd syntax :-)

I sure wish I could have done a :
  man 5 gpm-syn.conf
or something.

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