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Re: Dell Latitude Ls and the neomagic X server in unstable

Michael Perry@lists.debian-laptop@Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:29:17 -0800:
>  Kind of curious whether others using the neomagic driver in the most
>  recent X in unstable see problems with a frozen display when switching
>  to a VC and then back IF the vc is active for a long time.
Yes, I got this too (Latitude XPi -> P133/32MB). It annoys the hell out of
me, but I'm getting used of it a bit because this isn't the first time I
have this problem. Almost all Linux boxes I've ever had *love* to crash
during VC<>X switches. :-( Sometimes it doesn't happen for a week, and
sometimes it happens all the time.

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