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Selectable bay on Tecra 730CDT and modules.dep


I'm trying to install Debian on an old Tecra 730CDT and I have 2 major 
problems, so far: 

The laptop has a Selectable Bay where you either slot the Floppy drive or the 
CD-ROM. It also have an external floppy. 
I can't boot fron the external floppy, I put the floppy in the bay and I 
can't use the CDROM to install the base and the rest. 
Does anybody know if  it is possible to boot from the external floppy? 

Anyway, for this first time I installed from floppies. I can't get too far 
After reboot, infact I get thousands of messages about modprobe being unable 
to open dependency file in /libmodules/2.2.17/modules.dep
Those messages make it impossible to continue. 
How can I stop them? 


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