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Re: pcmcia-cs in Woody

Heather wrote:

Ob Debian-laptop:  I notice that pcmcia-cs in "pure" woody is still
(ugh) 3.1.22?  That's *ancient*!  sid has 3.1.31 - can we convince
them to promote it over so the woody discs don't roll out hopelessly
behind?  Or does anyone know of an abiding reason why they've let it

...it works?

I got revved to 3.1.36 today on a 2.2 kernel.  The install/config are
based on 2.4, and break networking rather badly, based on both kernel
modules and card/driver associations.  For the gory details, see



Errr... that's not "3.1.36" you wrote in your bug report.  It's "3.1.31-6"
or the 6th build of .31 ... I think.

But you're posilutely right.  Ouchie!  I would have never run into that --
more likely other things -- I have a Ricoh bridge.  (Hardly surprising
as I've a Ricoh laptop)

As we get more lures towards buying new toys for our laptops the disparity
between "because they work" and "but the mappings/modules are only in the new code" will just get worse. We really have to make them get this nailed
down before woody is sealed in metel-oxides and plastic.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

Yeah, I wish I read this earlier....
I'm so trashed right now on PCMCIA that nothing is working.

Now I've gotten this starting today and I don't even know where it came from. Is this related? Something changed and I can't figure out what. I did run a upgrade from testing this morning. But it wasn't until I removed my card and tried to reinsert it again that it died on me. /lib/modules/2.4.17-2.0/pcmcia/i82365.o: unresolved symbol isapnp_find_dev_R9991be23

I am so stuck!

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