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Re: New XE3, many questions

ср, 20.02.2002 г., в 20.20 (+0200) Gabor FLEISCHER написа:
> BUT when I start to play a song I can't hear it (or sometimes only very
> quitely). I need to go to a mixer (alsamixer) and either change a littlebit
> the volume of Master (sometimes even PCM needed) or mute & unmute them.
> After this the volume will be fine.
very strange, which version of alsa is that? The 0.9.x releases could be
buggy, I am using 0.5.12a.

> I think this is a hardware bug. I don't remember how it worked with the
> 2.4.17 kernel's oss drivers (I just wanted to try them out, made alsa stop,
> and modprobe maestro3, but I got kernel crash :(((( so this is the second
> time I type in this letter...) Any idea?
worked fine here with the kernel driver.. your laptop really seems
broken to me.

> Well I don't know which of the different IR types should I set in the BIOS.
> Normal/IrDA/FIR/something else which I don't remember now.
Normal (SIR) should be fine for the Nokia, FIR is Fast InfraRed and
allows speeds up to 4mbits but needs special drivers.

> Well I just checked this out today. I went to the shop where I bought the
> notebook and had a look to the same model. It was running XP, and the LCD
> shaw the same time as on the panel of windows. But I did another try!
> When I booted that machine and entered BIOS setup, the clock on the LCD just
> stopped. I think this is something like "winclock" (like winmodem) it needs
> a driver. The bad thing is that even when I turn the notebook off it
> continues from the time of the last reboot, when BIOS somehow syncronized it
> to the CMOS clock. I think I'll write to the HP hepldesk, maybe they could
> fix this in a future BIOS update. (but I guess Linux driver would be
> necessary anyway to work it during linux session)
It seems very stupid to me if the LCD clock would need a driver, that'll
be a hell downgrade compared to my model.

> > > 9. Any methods to change between LCD and external monitor output without
> > > reboot? (This new XE3 has i830MG. As I saw the older machines had Savage,
> > > and there was a utility to change between outputs)
> > Indeed mine has Savage, switching between LCD/CRT is done by Fn+F5
> Well it's printed on the keyboard, but does nothing. Maybe it blinks the LCD
> when it's on LCD, but now I'm using external monitor, and does nothing)
Probably that is somehow connected to the videocard's BIOS and your
video is different anyway.

> > > 10. Any success with KDE? I found on the net that it's a bug in X 4.1's VESA
> > > driver, and I have to upgrade to 4.2. Is it worth? Will it work?
> > If you get X running you can get KDE too. It's always best to upgrade to
> Well no :( I'm using icewm-expermental (gnome) at the moment, because KDE
> hangs when it starts. I found this bug on the internet too, so I'll try it
> with 4.2...
Haven't tried 4.2 yet but I suggest you to try it -- always try the
newest version if there are bugs.

> complicated. I had a look at the kernel source's kbd driver, and if I knew
> what was that code about (some in and out stuff to port 64) maybe I would
> try to hack the kernel, but I have no clue. Tell me if you want the code!
Ok, drop the code on my email.

> > The XE3 has a Synaptics touch pad. 1 or 2 weeks ago there was a thread
> > with a working solution to get one of the scroll buttons as a third
> > mouse button under X. Search the list for "Synaptics touchpad".
> I found it, and well it works better than the things I tried so far, but
> still has some problems. Under X when I move my finger on the touchpad
> and release it, the cursor goes on 'till it reaches the edge of the screen.
will send you mine config later, the phenomenon you describe is due to
"toss-something" setting which is ON by default.


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