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Re: debian 3 upgrade lost PATH

Thanks David,

On 25 Feb 2002, at 6:17, David Roundy wrote:

> We need to know more about what actually is happening.  'X cannot
> find what it needs' and 'deselect cannot find what it needs' do not
> really help us. What kind of errors are you getting?

It couldn't find any of its paths although echo $PATH indicated all
paths were in place.  Dselect couldn't find its paths and files

> Have you tried using apt-get instead of dselect?

I did use apt-get update.  Then installed the software with dselect.
Since your message I reinstalled deb 2.  How do I upgrade to
deb3(testing) without this problem again.  I have the 200 meg
downloaded and I kept the packages list, so I shouldn't have to
download them again.


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