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I have been using this card for a while under Linux with the wvlan_cs driver for 802.11b Prism II cards.

I want to move over to the orinoco_cs driver. If I change the kernel I have to spend hours fiddling with trying to get this driver working again.

There used to be a website that had specifics, in great detail, on how to get this D-Link DWL-650 NIC working with the orinoco_cs driver. But I've spent two days looking for it and have come up with nothing. It was originally a post on a web-zine.

Does anyone have any help they can throw my way on how to get this working? I think the biggest hang-up I've got is that I have no clue how to identify this device in the /etc/pcmcia/config file. I know it's not listed there, I always had to edit that file myself for the wvlan_cs too.

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