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Re: Static noise in ASUS laptop

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> [ N.B.: My problem is perhaps not specific to Debian. If it is the
> case, please, point me to the place I should look for help. ]
> I am having noise problems with my sound output in a ASUS S8600 laptop
> running Debian unstable (kernel 2.4.16). I have installed alsa
> 0.9.0-beta10, but even with the alsa modules unloaded, I hear a lot of
> static noise through the speakers and, particularly, through the
> earphones. Noise appears when the hard disk is accessed or when I move
> the cursor using the touchpad.

I have a Gateway Solo 9300, with a Maestro 2 sound chip, and I have the
same problem.

I found that turning every volume to zero except for the master volume,
PCM and speaker was the best I could get and, even then, I get some
noise when the hard drive or DVD are used.

It seems to be poorly shielded hardware in the system. I never found any
software issue that could account for it and it's a fairly common
complaint with laptops; the sound hardware isn't really designed that


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