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Getting close with the port replicator...

Going into my BIOS and setting the "Operating System" option from
"Windows 95/98" to "Other" caused Linux to suddenly realize that there
are two more PC sockets! But, unfortunately, every PC NIC I've tried in
the sockets has failed, save one 3Com card that I borrowed for shits and

The NIC I normally use (3Com 3c575) comes up with a funky vendor &
device of 0xffff. I brought into work my spare wired card (D-Link
DFE-660) and it gets the same thing. But, my IBM v.34 fax/modem card is
detected just fine as a serial device as /dev/ttyS2. But, for whatever
reason, I can't get my 3Com to work in the sockets on the replicator.

Any guru guidance out there for this? =)
Darryl L. Pierce <mcpierce@databasix.com>
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