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[no subject] APM support in kernel? Asus L8400 C broken mouse after undocking Cd Burner / scsi stuff cdrom "exec" permissions denied Compaq Contura 4/25 compaq presario 1244 Xfree Computer & Network Services couldn't boot existing NT partition. cpu speed & bogomips Debian and compaq presario debian instalation on laptop deleted /tmp ruined X, how to recover? Dell Latitude LX detecting and loading modules Re: /dev/gpmctl Re: D-Link 650 Ethernet eth0: reentering the interrupt handler! External Monitor on an Inspiron 5000 For Stormix, why won't my compiled APM work? [Fwd: pcmcia ethernet card] (Fwd) Re: Dell Latitude LX Gateway Solo 2150 and X-Windows Gateway solo 2150 hangs on reboot Help: Major screw-up installing XF86 4.01 help with DSL/DHCP install How to install debian package on Redhat Linux. How to set wm bg-color as will? I got flwm, here. thank you for all the response. Installing Debain on an PCMCIA drive? i still can't install linux! Kernel compilation solved kernels laptops,siemens S35I and the Siemens datacable Linksys combo card modem is lower than my external modem ltmodem update (was : Re: Debian and compaq presario) lucent built-in modem Mini CDRW MobiliX - New Laptop Site (former LiLAC) Re: My APM-enabled kernel compile isn't working well... NetGear FA510 ethernet card does not work Re: Network problems Network problem under heavy load. Network problem with Premax PE-200 card new 'linux-laptop' list <no subject> Notebook Toshiba Satellite 1605. Notebook without video-memory running debian-linux? Re: Ok folks help really needed! New Debian install Only 80Mb/s with a 10/100 card Phdisk (was Re: Suspend to disk) potato vanillla boot-floppies package cant make boot floppy on HP Omnibook 6000 problems compaq contura 400CX laptop Problem with Compaq Armada 1540 [Q] Can I get help configuring for Samba? rolling a kernel for a different machine slink->potato, then X missed scan freq sound volume (nm256) Suspend to disk. Suspend to Disk on a Targa traveller 800 (WAS: Re: Suspend to disk.) tasksel says:NO TASK PACKAGES FOUND ON THIS SYSTEM.DID YOU UPDATE YOUR AVAILABLE FILE? Re: Thinkpad T20 - 650MHz P3 Toshiba Satellite Boot problems Toshiba Satillite 1605 Re: Toshiba T420CDT: serial port has trouble win irmanager is started Toshiba Tecra 8100 TPad-600E and kernel 2.4 Unidentified subject! v3.3 Linux-Mobile-Guide via82cxxx Re: vlock from x11? waken only to die (was: Re Suspend...a Targa traveller 800) Re: Wav- and MP3-Play stuttering on TP 390X - ESS SOLO-1 Weird sound problem Where to buy Xircom hardware in Germany? which glibc do I have? WM's, configuring XF86Configs Re: your mail The last update was on 11:03 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 223 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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