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[no subject] (Fwd) Re: Dell Latitude LX Re: /dev/gpmctl <no subject> [Fwd: pcmcia ethernet card] [Q] Can I get help configuring for Samba? APM support in kernel? Asus L8400 C broken mouse after undocking Cd Burner / scsi stuff cdrom "exec" permissions denied Compaq Contura 4/25 compaq presario 1244 Xfree couldn't boot existing NT partition. cpu speed & bogomips Re: D-Link 650 Ethernet Debian and compaq presario debian instalation on laptop deleted /tmp ruined X, how to recover? Dell Latitude LX detecting and loading modules eth0: reentering the interrupt handler! External Monitor on an Inspiron 5000 For Stormix, why won't my compiled APM work? Gateway Solo 2150 and X-Windows Gateway solo 2150 hangs on reboot help with DSL/DHCP install Help: Major screw-up installing XF86 4.01 How to install debian package on Redhat Linux. How to set wm bg-color as will? I got flwm, here. thank you for all the response. i still can't install linux! Installing Debain on an PCMCIA drive? Kernel compilation solved kernels laptops,siemens S35I and the Siemens datacable Linksys combo card modem is lower than my external modem ltmodem update (was : Re: Debian and compaq presario) lucent built-in modem Mini CDRW MobiliX - New Laptop Site (former LiLAC) Re: My APM-enabled kernel compile isn't working well... NetGear FA510 ethernet card does not work Network problem under heavy load. Network problem with Premax PE-200 card Re: Network problems new 'linux-laptop' list Notebook Toshiba Satellite 1605. Notebook without video-memory running debian-linux? Re: Ok folks help really needed! New Debian install Only 80Mb/s with a 10/100 card Phdisk (was Re: Suspend to disk) potato vanillla boot-floppies package cant make boot floppy on HP Omnibook 6000 Problem with Compaq Armada 1540 problems compaq contura 400CX laptop rolling a kernel for a different machine slink->potato, then X missed scan freq sound volume (nm256) Suspend to Disk on a Targa traveller 800 (WAS: Re: Suspend to disk.) Suspend to disk. tasksel says:NO TASK PACKAGES FOUND ON THIS SYSTEM.DID YOU UPDATE YOUR AVAILABLE FILE? Re: Thinkpad T20 - 650MHz P3 Toshiba Satellite Boot problems Toshiba Satillite 1605 Re: Toshiba T420CDT: serial port has trouble win irmanager is started Toshiba Tecra 8100 TPad-600E and kernel 2.4 Unidentified subject! v3.3 Linux-Mobile-Guide via82cxxx Re: vlock from x11? waken only to die (was: Re Suspend...a Targa traveller 800) Re: Wav- and MP3-Play stuttering on TP 390X - ESS SOLO-1 Weird sound problem Where to buy Xircom hardware in Germany? which glibc do I have? WM's, configuring XF86Configs Re: your mail The last update was on 06:12 GMT Fri Jun 07. There are 222 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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