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Re: Network problems

"Michael Dickey" <mcdickey@zdnetonebox.com> writes:

> I'm having a couple of problems with networking, both dialup and LAN.
> First: Network adapter is Xircom CBE 10/100 + 56K modem - no problems
> with that except that when APM shuts down the computer, it shuts off
> the pcmcia card, and the only way I can figure out to get it started
> is a remoot - less than ideal.

Have a look at the apmd_proxy in /etc/apm and it's script directory
/etc/apm/event.d.  You may have to 'cardctl eject' (suspend) and
'cardctl insert' (resume) which is equivalent to taking the card out
and putting it back in, just doing it by software instead of

> Second, following the advice of one of the books I was reading, I installed
> "dummy" network adapter module when building the system - now it is the
> default, and I can't get rid of it. How do I get eth0 initialized properly
> when I start up the computer?

You don't have to get rid of the dummy device.  By default you have a
loopback device that makes sure that "telnet" goes back to
your machine (localhost).  If you have an IP address, say,
then you'd set up the dummy device to do the same, so that "telnet" works on your machine without trying to do a network

If the dummy device became the default device or a gateway, then
something is horribly wrong.  That's not it's purpose.  What did you
touch?  How do you know it's the default?

Take a look at 'ifconfig eth0' after inserting the network card.
Check ip-up and friends.

> Last, I can't figure out all of the dialup options - wvdial, diald, etc.
> I have been able do dial my ISP with wvdial and gotten connected & received
> an IP address, but the connection was not useable - no DNS info, or what,
> I don't know.
> I don't mind doing the reading if someone can point me in the right direction
> for these issues...

I'm using pon/poff and pppconfig (sic?).  Easy to set up.  The DNS
info etc. goes into the network.opts file (done by pppconfig).


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