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Only 80Mb/s with a 10/100 card

Some time back there was a discussion on debian-laptop over what the actual
throughput of the so-called "10/100" cards was, on a 100 Mbit network.

The Xircom website addresses this question:

"Q: What is the difference between the RealPort CardBus Ethernet 10/100
 and the RealPort Ethernet 10/100? 
 A: The RBE-100 is a 32-bit Integrated PC Card which has higher performance,
uses less power and includes power management advantages over the
RE-100. The RBE-100 provides higher throughput with its 32-bit
bus-mastering architecture which increases the data transfer speeds between
the notebook and the network without burdening the PC's processor. It brings
PCI-based performance to your CardBus-equipped notebook in both 10Mbps
and 100Mbps network environments.  CardBus 32-bit PC Cards (like the
RBE-100) deliver up to 80Mbps networking speeds, while 16-bit PC Cards
(like the RE-100) deliver a maximum of 20Mbps."



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