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Re: broken mouse after undocking

There are those who would have you believe that Richard Black wrote:
> Hi all
> Most of the day I use my laptop is a docking station with an external
> mouse.  I've noticed that when I remove my laptop from its docking
> station and open it up, I have X okay, but no mouse.
> Is there are way to get X to recognise my mouse (i.e. the one on the
> laptop, not an external one) when I undock my laptop?

Many laptops will disable the internal mouse if they see that an
external one is present, and enable it if they don't.  Some only
perform this check when the computer boots.  You may have one of
these.  Check your BIOS to see if you have a setting to affect this
behavior.  You might have to live with both mice always being enabled.

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