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Re: APM support in kernel?

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Heather wrote:
> Howsabout we start a kernel-image-nn.n.nn-laptop kernel set?  Anyone else
> like the idea?  Then we can turn on all sorts of things that make desktops
> queasy.

   I like this idea. Especially since:

 * it took me a long time to find the "apm=on" trick. How are you
   supposed to guess this except by trying to recompile your own kernel
   and reading the help that comes with the APM item?

 * it took me such a short time to realize that APM support in the
   default kernel is minimal:
   - no console blanking
   - no 'CPU idle calls' -> the fan wakes up frequently

 * it took me such a long time to recompile a new kernel that included
   APM, PCMCIA and DHCP all working at the same time

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