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Re: Asus L8400 C

> Is anyone here have tried to install debian on Asus L8400 C ?
> I'd like to know if there is a documentation for this installation.
> thx
> -- Toosa --

(looking at Asus' website... you mean L8400-B?  Is their website wrong? 
 or do you have an as yet unreleased model?  If it's their normal system:) 

Ethernet is realtek 8139.  Video and sound both need drivers from their vendors:
	Savage MX/IX - install SVGA server but don't run that, install S3's 
		hacked, proprietary SVGA server for it instead.   For svgalib you 
		can use "VESA" (presumably this is slower than it could be) but 
		"S3" does not work.  
	Aureal - provided a link kit, which the community has improved; download
		from aureal.sourceforge.net, make install10 (but *do* make sure 
		you are already booted under the kernel you want to use, when you
		make it).	

<plug type=cheap>
Or if you're just looking at that box because you're considering buying it, you 
could get a preload from Tuxtops :)

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