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RE: Installing Debain on an PCMCIA drive?

>If I read this right, even the machines hard drive is a pcmcia device?
>Debian's install will not currently work here, you will need to do as you
>suggest and use base.tgz.  Simply untar it into the new filesystem.  You will
>also need to copy the kernel and modules to disk.  Booting will be intersting,
>I suspect you will have to create an initrd which contains pcmcia support.

I think that this may not be necessary, as I have heard of machines where the
hard drive is a pcmcia device, but the bios makes it look exactly as though it
were connected as a `normal' ide device.  Hence, as long as you don't try to 
do anything else pcmcia-like (loading drivers and so on) it may just continue
to act as a normal ide drive and not need extra drivers.

I'm fairly certain that the example of this I heard about was with an HP 
Omnibook, of the sort which had an odd pop-out `mini-mouse' on the right-hand
side.  I can't remember the url though...


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