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I'm having a huge problem trying to upgrade my kernel to
Potato. I'm trying to do it all vie floppy disk, because
I haven't been able to set up my PCMCIA network card
yet. The kernel image is 13MB, which poses a bit of a
challenge, as I don't think superdisks will work on my
normal floppy drive ;p. My laptop is a 486 DX4  with
100mhz, 8MB RAM and 230MB HDD on my linux partition. It
has no CD Rom eihter. All it has is a floppy disk drive.
We managed to buy it 3 months before they released the
laptop with CD Rom included. I'm babbling.

Bottom line: Does anybody know of any easy way that I
can upgrade my kernel? It seems as if I need a lot of
packages and the 13MB image...

Thank you

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