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Gateway Solo 2150 and X-Windows

	I recently installed Potato on a PIII 450.  Everything appeared to
install fine but I am having some trouble getting X-Windows to load.  The
laptop uses the ATI Rage Mobility M AGP chipset.  The Mobility and
Mobility P are listed as working.  When X-Windows starts, the screen goes
blank and the laptop hangs (can't do nuthin') and after a few seconds the
bottom of the screen gets lighter and this "moves" upwards.  I thought
that it may have been a refresh rate thing and compared it to another
laptop (although older and an IBM) but everything seemed correct.  I used
the XF86_MACH64 and also tried the  XF86_SVGA drivers but X complained
about the SVGA one when loading.  At least it didn't hang though.  I know
that there has been a lot of changes with on board video cards lately so
wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't yet work.  If anyone has any
experience with these though, any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!


PS - I have recently re-subscribed to the list so if this was discussed
recently I am unaware of it.

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