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Dell Latitude LX

G'Day !

About a year ago, I bought a Dell Latitude LX (yes an old 486 monster), so I
could edit source files while away from my desktop.  With RCS, Emacs and a basic
command line, eveything worked great.  BUT, the project grew and I needed more
capability.  Namely X-window and an ethernet connection.

BTW, I'm running a 2.0.38 kernel with a combination of 2.1 and 2.2 packages

I bought a D-Link DFE-650 PCMCIA ethernet card and set-it up via the HOW-TOs.
The card manager finds the card and reports it as a NE2000 compatable, but it
does not communicate with the outside world.  Dmesg keeps reporting Tx errors.
Any suggestions ?  I thought it might be a cable, so I've already tested that.

The second is when I bought it, it had windows 95 on it with no documention.  My
development efforts involve OpenGL (really MESA) and I need some rudimentry X
support.  Does anyone know which chipset this laptop uses and more importantly
which X-server to use ?

Does anyone have the hardware specs ?  I bought it from my company's surplus
sales, so it should be pretty stock.

BTW Just ordered the latest and greatest CD's, so ...

Jim Parker

Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death ....  It is far more important
than that !!!

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