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Re: Network problems

---- "Neil L. Roeth" <neil@occamsrazor.net> wrote:
> I have that same Xircom adaptor, and the same problem when I suspend
> and resume via apm, i.e., the network adaptor stops working.  This
> also happens with an Aironet wireless ethernet adaptor, making me
> believe it is a Sony Vaio/apm problem rather than an apm/Xircom
> problem.  The suggestion that I tried was to put APM=eject in
> /etc/pcmcia/apm.opts.  It might work for you, though it did not for
> me.
I have partly solved this part - I used cardctl eject and cardctl insert
and they appear to work fine. Now I just need to figure out how to get
them in the right places in the right scripts to make them happen at
the right times :)


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