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RE: Installing Debain on an PCMCIA drive?

On 20-Oct-2000 Mathias  Wiklander wrote:
> Hi!
> I helping a friend to install Debian on an Omnibook 600C. The problem is
> that it dosen't have a disk drive nither a CDROM and the disk is a PCMCIA. 
> What I want to knew is how I do to install and prepare disk at a mount point
> for example /mnt/install. Can I take for example base.tar.gz and untar it to
> /mnt/install or how do I do. And after that how do I to write a MBR to that
> disk and make shure that it vill boot when I put it in the Omnibook. The
> Omnibook boots on the PCMCIA disk. My gool is to install base and modules so
> I can do the rest of the installation from there.

If I read this right, even the machines hard drive is a pcmcia device? 
Debian's install will not currently work here, you will need to do as you
suggest and use base.tgz.  Simply untar it into the new filesystem.  You will
also need to copy the kernel and modules to disk.  Booting will be intersting,
I suspect you will have to create an initrd which contains pcmcia support.

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