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Re: APM support in kernel?


On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Morgan Hall wrote:

> My problem:
> The kernel comes without APM support.  OK -- compile one in.  Trivial,

i believe apm support is on the default configuration, but the kernel is 
compiled with APM_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT option (or something like that =)
so, if you want apm support you need to enable it at boot, appending 
"apm=on" at LILO prompt. anyway, i'm not sure, but i think i read 
something like that (after i compiled my kernel wuth apm support =)

> yes?
> Compiled kernels (multiple tries from Debian 2.2.17 source package) all
> seem to fail on boot -- seems like it can't find disk /dev/hda !!!
> Haven't tried one without APM, but have tried compiling file system
> support in kernel and in modules.  (several combinations)
> Has anyone had this problem?

i've a problem like that ... just a little mistake ... i compiled it with 
IDE and ext2fs support both as a module, so the kernel failed on boot 
b'cos it couldn't find /dev/hda, b'cos IDE support was on /dev/hda, an 
IDE drive, of course =)
i've the same problem later, with ext2fs support ...

well ... that was my "experience" =)


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