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Re: Compaq Contura 4/25


> I want to install linux on a Compaq Contura 4/25. This is an old
> laptop with a 486DL and 20 MB RAM. So, I heard something about memory
> problems or so. If anoybody has tried this beofre, please tlet me now.

one of my laptops is an old ibm thinkpad 340 - 486, 25mhz, 8mb ram, 100mb
hd. now this works fine for me. i don't see why you should have any
problems with 20mb ram. at 20mb even x should work - which is something i
would not want to try on my 8mb machine, especially not with a 2.2 kernel
(probably more or less fine under 2.0).


Christoph Hebeisen                                            heby@heby.de
4023 Hamilton Hall   SFU   Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6   Canada   (+1 604) 3200161

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