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Network problems

I have that same Xircom adaptor, and the same problem when I suspend
and resume via apm, i.e., the network adaptor stops working.  This
also happens with an Aironet wireless ethernet adaptor, making me
believe it is a Sony Vaio/apm problem rather than an apm/Xircom
problem.  The suggestion that I tried was to put APM=eject in
/etc/pcmcia/apm.opts.  It might work for you, though it did not for

On Sep 30, Michael Dickey (mcdickey@zdnetonebox.com) wrote:
 > I'm having a couple of problems with networking, both dialup and LAN.
 > First: Network adapter is Xircom CBE 10/100 + 56K modem - no problems
 > with that except that when APM shuts down the computer, it shuts off
 > the pcmcia card, and the only way I can figure out to get it started
 > is a remoot - less than ideal.
 > Second, following the advice of one of the books I was reading, I installed
 > "dummy" network adapter module when building the system - now it is the
 > default, and I can't get rid of it. How do I get eth0 initialized properly
 > when I start up the computer?
 > Last, I can't figure out all of the dialup options - wvdial, diald, etc.
 > I have been able do dial my ISP with wvdial and gotten connected & received
 > an IP address, but the connection was not useable - no DNS info, or what,
 > I don't know.
 > I don't mind doing the reading if someone can point me in the right direction
 > for these issues...
 > Michael
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