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Re: Toshiba T420CDT: serial port has trouble win irmanager is started

"A. Demarteau (linux rules!)" wrote:
> dear laptop users,
> I have a Toshiba 420CDT and because of My handicap I'm using speical
> software for my brialle-display over the serial-port (/dev/ttyS0).
> However, upon starting irmanager for the IrDA interface, ttyS0 seems to
> crahs/get disconnected/any other reason.

i don't know the reason but is there a serial port conflict? if you try
to look into the /etc/irda/drivers file and set the right port for for
it. and also the right irq and dma channel on your bios and also the
right /dev/ttySxx port to your right irq and dma on /etc/serial.conf

hope this will help. sorry i no more ideas since i haven't used my irda
a long time.

> The end result is that my braille-display software looses connection to
> the display itself. Killing irmanager and the brialle-software and
> restarting the last one doesn't help.
> Rebooting or a cycle via init 1 (single-usermode) is needed to get it
> running again.
> Any help would be greatly appriciated.
> -----------
> Andor Demarteau
> linux@disnet.demon.nl
> -----------
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