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Re: deleted /tmp ruined X, how to recover?

> Hi, thank you all so much for the replies. 
> Desperated, I reinstalled Linux on my PC. I learned a lesson and a lot
> of knowledge from you all. But now I could not boot to my NT partition.
> I run fdisk and see clearly NTFS partition is there and marked as
> bootable (that *). I also added an entry
> under /etc/lilo.conf
> others = /dev/hda1
> 	label = dos

(from the docs for LILO)

other = /dev/hda1
  table = /dev/hda
  label = msdos

(... end fragment ...)

That's "other" not "others" and as the MS critters need to know partition
table details in order to go onward, you need that table entry.  The label
could be anything though, so you could say nt instead of dos, or even w
for windows.  It is case sensitive though.

> But I get the msg: "image not found" when I type "dos" at lilo.

When you run /sbin/lilo, it should list the labels which it is adding, and
mark the default one with a *. 

> During the reinstallation, I noticed my NT partition didnt appear when
> the program asked me about boot partition labels.

That's probably because fairly few kernels recognize NTFS - but you don't
need to have kernel support for a filesystem in order to point lilo at its

> Can I still add that manually?

/etc/lilo.conf supports up to 16 stanzas. 

> thanks a looooooooooooooot
> Ben

You're welcome 

* Heather Stern * star@many places...

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