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Re: Thinkpad T20 - 650MHz P3

On 2000-10-23 17:39, m.nine.six wrote:
>> >       chown root.audio /dev/dsp0
>> >       chmod 660 /dev/dsp0
>> I use devfs so the /dev/sound/dsp is created automatically for me.  I had
>> also created the sym-link from /dev/sound/dsp to /dev/dsp.
>> Open failed doesn't necessarily mean that there is no /dev/dsp device or
>> that permissions are wrong.  It can also mean that there's some error in
>> the device driver than prevents opening it (which is what is happening for
>> me).
>i know but that was the usual fault from the user side.


>i don't know what it could be.
>but i attached my alsa conf. (don't forget to disable the path line!)

Thanks, it's essentially identical to mine so no clues there.  I think it 
must be a 2.4.0 kernel issue.  I'll have to try a test setup on 2.2.x to 
verify this (I can't run 2.2.x all the time but I could temporarily use my 
swap partition as a test 2.2.x partition).

>perhaps it could work. i have als cs461x and i have also some conflicts
>with alsa and pcmcia slot (especialy in coherence with suspend to ram).

Suspend always has problems with sound in my experience.  It seems that the 
best thing to do is unload the module before suspend.

>ps: does ReiserFS works fine (without any problems)?

It works pretty well.  There are still some issues to be resolved, but all my 
most important data is on ReiserFS.

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