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Re: i still can't install linux!

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Marino wrote:

> hi all!
> thanks for any help, but i still can't install linux debian 2.2
> my laptop is "trying to extract base2_2.tgz" for 20 hr!!
> please help me! i have only 8 mb RAM, can it work?
> should i try to install debian2.2 without a swap partition?
> my HD is 256 mb, and the swap partition (32 mb) is almost not used at all.
> thanks anyway.

I don't think you will succeed with only 8 Meg of RAM. I have lately
plugged out 32 Meg's from a 40 Meg desktop system. It worked, but dselect
would not come up as the system was busy swapping.

Also, from the fact that your system does use very little swap space, you
can see that it has too little real memory. This may sound strange but
some of the memory the processes use must be real and if there is no
memory that can be swapped out no swap space is used.

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