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waken only to die (was: Re Suspend...a Targa traveller 800)

> I have a funny (well I don_t really think it is funny) 

My pals would call this "funny weird, not funny ha-ha."

> Problem with S2D
> with my Laptop (Targa Traveller 800 - seems to be only sold in germany).
> It suspendes like a charm, but then when I wake it up, the system comes
> up again (including the last shown picture (X11, fb or Text), but then
> the laptop just reboots automatically. I tried it with everything
> unloaded (pcmcia, alsa, irda), but it still produces the old behavior.
> 	Bye,
> 	  - -- Alain -- -

Don't forget to actually turn apm support on at your kernel level; without
it you are basically playing musical chairs, whoever had the chair when you
suspended might have its state screwed up.  Since this has a decent percent
chance of being internal structures, chances are better than half that you
lose.  (But it is not usually consistent about being a reboot, unless maybe
you set panic=reboot)
	Anyways that'd be adding to your lilo.conf:

If you are already doing that...
Maybe there is some timing failure related to seeing the suspend signal
again too soon?  You may need to rebuild the kernel and turn on "ignore
repeat suspend/resume events" so it will give some time to settle and get
going again properly.

Are you using apm (-s or -S) or hardware keys to suspend things?  Do these 
act differently?

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