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Re: WM's, configuring

> Hello People,
> 	I'm sure this isn't the place to query about this, but there's an
> ongoing thread that brings up a point for me.
> 	-->Re: How to install debian package on Redhat Linux <--
> 	I run BB on both of my laptops (DX-50, P-200) and thoroughly enjoy it!
> Fast, light, straight-forward. But I've run into a problem, that even my Guru
> has just scratched his head over....
> 	I run licq for various reasons, and prefer the newer versions to what's
> .deb packaged. Therefore, I'm pulling down the tarballs and building my own.
> This works well, EXCEPT I don't have a menu listing for licq, or xchat, or
> ......
> 	I figured, No Worries, and created a file in /usr/lib/menu called  licq
>  gave it the correct perms, duped the scripting out of a number of other
> different menus, and re-ran update-menu. No Joy. (sigh). So! I cp'ed that file
> into ~griz/.menu and re-ran update-menu. No joy.
> 	So, what doc am I missing? What blatant mistake am I overlooking? I
> know it's "do-able" cuz other "DO it". :--)

The way I add menus that work for update-menus, which are not hooked to
"real" debian packages, is this:

	copy /usr/lib/menu/menu to /etc/menu/menu
	edit a new stanza into /etc/menu/menu that describes your stuff,
		for example:

?package(menu):needs=x11 section="Productivity" \
   title=StarOffice longtitle="StarOffice application suite" \
   description="Sun has changed most of this project to the GPL license"\
   command="/usr/office52/program/soffice" \

The effect hooks it to the 'menu' package - which makes sense, if you decide
to delete the menu system, you won't need menus for the weird stuff either.

In theory you can hook it to some other package, but it should definitely
be one that *is* properly installed in the dpkg system, eg libs it depends
on or something.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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