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ltmodem update (was : Re: Debian and compaq presario)

For people with Lucent winmodems, which don't closely
follows the mailing list of linmodems.org :

There is now a way to use ltmodem.o with kernel 2.2.16 and 2.2.17
(not the hack of using ppp.o from 2.2.14 in 2.2.17 : a more clean
 solution, involving patching a .h file and recompile kernel & modules ).

Many thanks to Mark Spieth, which posted the solution on linmodems ML.

Here it is the solution:

1) in your kernel source tree, edit the file linux/tty.h : in the structure
   tty_struct, move the field poll_wait in the last position.
2) rebuild and reinstall kernel and kernel modules.

That's it. It shows that complex problems become simple ... if you know the 

I just tried this on my box with kernel 2.2.17 and it works fine. I was so
happy about that, I couldn't help posting my joy :-) 
Now, I just hope that when I'll need to use 2.4.x, an open-source driver will
be available ... or I will have a better modem.

N.B : If anybody already knows  this fix, I apologize for the 
waste of bytes and bandwidth. ;-)


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