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Re: Suspend to disk.

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Joel Kjellgren wrote:
> Hello!
> In order to use the save to disk feature you must have a special partition
> that the BIOS saves the RAM to. If you erased this partition then, well it
> won't work... Cfdisk calls my save to disk partition "IBM Thinkpad
> hibernation" and it is roughly of the same size as the RAM memory. Try
> consulting your manual if you like to get this working, it is however
> probably gonna be quite some work since you need to make a new partition
> that I think must be located as the first one on the disk and that screws
> up a number of things like lilo, fstab etc, not to mention the fact that
> you have to move your linux partition (I suppose?).

On my system it's the last partition on the disk. You may have to format
it with a magic DOS utility - on my current system it's PHDISK.EXE. I've
seen PHDISK programs shipped with various vendors' laptops, but from
Dell's support pages, it seems that RMS2D.EXE and MKS2D.EXE are the
programs you want.
may be what you need. You'll have to make a bootable DOS floppy to run
MKS2D.EXE from.

You should probably back up anything important before you run
MKS2D.EXE. There's a good chance that it will blow your partitions away.

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