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Re: Dell Latitude LX

> The second is when I bought it, it had windows 95 on it with no
> documention.  My development efforts involve OpenGL (really MESA)
> and I need some rudimentry X support.  Does anyone know which
> chipset this laptop uses and more importantly which X-server to use?

Try VGA16.
We used it on an old IBM (desktop) before we noted that the graphics
card was replaced :-)

Otherwise, SVGA has a 640x480 mode that is effectively VGA 640x480x16,
but with more colours. That won't blow any VGA monitor:

  # 640x480 @ 60 Hz, 31.5 kHz hsync
  Modeline "640x480"     25.175 640  664  760  800   480  491  493  525

The SVGA server will tell you the chipset if it detects it.


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