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Re: Ok folks help really needed! New Debian install

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Mark Phillips wrote:
> I think what you probably need to do, is make sure the bios settings
> on your laptop are set so that you can boot from the CD drive, and
> then boot it using the debian CD.
thats one option.  The other is to use windows to copy the disk images
from the CDROM drive to your harddisk.  Reboot but with the floppy drive
in.  use rawrite to make the 14 or so base disks.  reboot the machine but
off the first debian disk.  Install the base system and get up to the
point where you need to install the packages.

Reboot the machine but with the CDROM drive in place.  Install the
packages you want, build a brand new flashy kernel and reboot with
whatever you want to :)

I hope that helps


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