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Re: [Q] Can I get help configuring for Samba?

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 07:43:25PM -0500, Jerome Mrozak wrote:
> internet through ppp0 and now want to connect to the WinNT network at my
> employer.  That network uses DHCP to assign addresses.
you need to specify in your /etc/pcmcia/network.opts to use dhcp.  I use pump, so make sure the line pump=yes is not commented out.  All the other options can be blank.  All mine have <OPTION>="" for my work (DHCP) setup

> I guess I should configure my network (already set to only loopback
>  I'm trying to get swat started, but starting it from the
> command line just waits.
SWAT is a web based thing.  I think it uses some port like 9090 or something.  Try `grep swat /etc/inetd.conf` to get the actual port number.  Then fire up a browser and go to http://localhost:<the_port_number>/

> Before configuring smb.conf I'm trying to understand most parts of it,
> and I think I'm doing more work than I'm supposed to have to.  But I
> haven't found any "easy configurator" like pppconfig is.
> Can I get a nudge with someone elses setup?
I can send my smb.conf privately if you want.

> Thanks a lot,
> Jerome.
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