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Re: Suspend to disk.


In order to use the save to disk feature you must have a special partition
that the BIOS saves the RAM to. If you erased this partition then, well it
won't work... Cfdisk calls my save to disk partition "IBM Thinkpad
hibernation" and it is roughly of the same size as the RAM memory. Try
consulting your manual if you like to get this working, it is however
probably gonna be quite some work since you need to make a new partition
that I think must be located as the first one on the disk and that screws
up a number of things like lilo, fstab etc, not to mention the fact that
you have to move your linux partition (I suppose?).

/Joel Kjellgren

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Kieren Diment wrote:

> I have an old Dell lattitude xpi P100 SD here with Slink installed.
> Apm is working fine.  Apparently there is a suspend to disk facility,
> as when i press fn-d, i get a bios generated error message, somethiing 
> like "suspend to disk failed".  Does anybody know how to get this
> facility working?  
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