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Re: External Monitor on an Inspiron 5000

That is indeed a strange problem. Just the other day I gave a presentation
using my Dell 5000 laptop, and used both the X and the console mode
successfully. The display was on my panel and also on the monitor and the
overhead projector. If Fn-F8 doesn't work for you, perhaps it could have to
do with your BIOS settings?!

It's a rather simple suggestion and hopefully you have already checked your

Wish you all the best.


Florian Blaser wrote:
> Hi everybody !
> Has anybody ever tried to use an external monitor on an inspiron 5000 ?
> I'm trying it right now and I'm having problems with X. When I'm in text
> mode, I can see the same thing on both of my screens, but under X (I use a
> Mach64 Server with an ATI Rage Mobility), I can only see the output on my
> built-in screen (panel).
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Florian Blaser
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