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Network problem under heavy load.

Can anybody help with network problem,

I've got a laptop with a Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10/100Mb cardbus
card, 2.2.17 kernel,debian 2.2, PCMCIA 3.1.20. At bootup everything is OK,
the network is up and I can ping my server, FTP, telnet... all seems fine.

But network fails and hangs with error "eth0: Transmit timeout using MII
device, Tx status 0003" when I log onto XDM on the server. I can also get it
to give the same error if I "ping -fn" the server from my laptop.

The server is a duron 600, debian 2.2 with a D-Link DFE 530tx NIC, newest
via-rhine driver installed.

I've tried to test if its a server problem by "ping -fn" my laptop from the
server, laptop was running win98 at the time and everything was rock solid.
No errors are reported on the server.

I've tried IRC, comp.linux.networking, PCMCIA group on sourceforge, www
searches,  everything for a little help, but to no avail I realise this is
not a normal network problem but if anybody can help Please, Please, Please


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