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Re: help with DSL/DHCP install

On Tue, 03 Oct 2000, ari gold <arigold@cs.uchicago.edu> wrote:


> anyway, now im stuck. i dont know how to install the rest of the
> system. more specifically, i dont know how to get apt to understand
> that there's a PCMCIA card there just dying to connect to some ftp
> site with the files on it.
> any suggestions?  is it possible?  (im assuming so... ;)

Right. You don't mention a few details about what exactly you have
installed so, if you have done bits already, ignore them. ;)

The first thing to do is get the PCMCIA network card working. This
requires the PCMCIA packages installed.

You need to have 'pcmcia-cs' and 'pcmcia-modules-<your kernel version>'

If you built your own kernel from sources, grab the 'pcmcia-sources'
package and build the modules from that. I expect you didn't, but rather
used the pre-built kernel. So, grab the 'pcmcia-modules-2.2.17' (or
whatever) package.

Once you have those installed, your 3COM card should be recognized by
the cardmgr process. Check the documentation in /usr/doc/pcmcia-cs for
how to know that the card is set up correctly.

Once that's working, the same documentation will cover how to edit the
network configuration in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts to make the PCMCIA
card do the DHCP thing.

DHCP, incidentally, will require a client package installed. I would
recommend the package 'dhclient', but others I know prefer 'dhcpcd' or

You should probably grab the package at the same time as you grab the
PCMCIA ones. Install them and edit the config and it should just

Anyway, if you run into trouble through the process, you can certainly
get specific help on the exact issue. :)


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