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Re: Thinkpad T20 - 650MHz P3

On 2000-10-23 14:48, m.nine.six wrote:
>Russell Coker wrote:
>> Thanks for that information.  I have (finally) installed ALSA on my
>> Thinkpad and I get the following in my dmesg output when I try playing
>> (and it gives an error "Can't open /dev/dsp".  I am using the latest ALSA
>> Debian packages (0.5.9d-1) in kernel 2.4.0-test9.  I would appreciate it
>> if you (or anyone else) has any more advice on this issue.  Reverting to
>> 2.2.x kernels is not an option on this machine (I need the latest ReiserFS
>> and devfs).
>you should be in the `audio' user group.
>	usermod -G <other grous>,audio <user name>
>and then make the /dev/dsp0 (because /dev/dsp is a link) writeable to
>the audio group.
>	chown root.audio /dev/dsp0
>	chmod 660 /dev/dsp0

I use devfs so the /dev/sound/dsp is created automatically for me.  I had 
also created the sym-link from /dev/sound/dsp to /dev/dsp.
Open failed doesn't necessarily mean that there is no /dev/dsp device or that 
permissions are wrong.  It can also mean that there's some error in the 
device driver than prevents opening it (which is what is happening for me).

I checked all the obvious things...

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