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Re: Wav- and MP3-Play stuttering on TP 390X - ESS SOLO-1

OK, I have been following this list and specifically, the sound problems that people are having with the 390X thinkpads.  Here is my question:  can anyone tell me the source of the problem?  I used to have a 390E with the same sound card, ESS-Solo1, and it worked fine.  Now, I have a 390X with the ESS-Solo1 and I have this same problem with wavs and mp3s that others have mentioned.  I can turn off PCI Bus Power management in the bios, and things will work, for a while, but then it seems that sound begins to hog my memory and quits working altogether, until I reboot.  What is the real issue here?  Is this a problem with the bios on the Thinkpad 390X?  Will a future kernel fix this?  Will a future Alsa package fix this?  Can it be fixed without resorting to turning off PCI Bus power management?  In an ideal world, it seems that I shouldn't have to do that.

Bryan "regretting the day I turned in my 390E" Walton 

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