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MobiliX - New Laptop Site (former LiLAC)

Former known as LiLAC (Linux with LAptop Computers)
I have decided to get a dedicated domain and a new
name for my site.

The MobiliX site is dedicated to Mobile UniX systems equipped
with Open Source operating systems like Linux or BSD.
It  leads you to a lot of useful hands-on information about 
installing and running Linux and BSD on laptops, PDAs 
and other mobile computer devices. 

You may find the  Linux-Laptop-Guide and the 
IR-(InfraRed)-HOWTO, as well as surveys of different 
laptop hardware (graphic cards, sound cards, PCMCIA cards, ...) 
and their  Linux compatibility. Debian users may find 
the "Debian Laptop Proposal".


-= MobiliX  - Home of the Linux-Laptop-Guide http://mobilix.org =-
-= Xtops.DE - Laptops and PDAs with Linux http://xtops.de       =-

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