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Re: problems compaq contura 400CX laptop

G'Day !

I have a Dell Latitude LX4100 (ie 486, 400M hd, ??? ram, No CD, No NIC, No
Modem).  Sounds like a pain to install Debian, ehh ....

Not at all.  Do a base install via floppy disks.  Once that is done, I was able
to install any additional package I needed via " dpkg -i ... "

When installing the base package, choose a kernel where everthying was compiled
as modules, that gives you the best chance of getting the drivers you need,
while minimizing the bloat.

Good luck.

Jim Parker

Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death ....  It is far more important
than that !!!

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i'm trying to install debian 2.2 on a laptop compaq contura 400CX with a 256MB
hd and 8MB ram. i made a swap partition of 32MB. i fetched my base system via
http and it was downloaded succesfully but while trying to extract it i receive
the following message:
VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for kswapd
and i can't go on.
what is wrong?
i'll appreciate any help
p.s.: i was told to use a compaq contura 400CX and it wasn't a choice of my own

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