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Re: via82cxxx

hi ...

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Olivier Billet wrote:

> Hi  all !
> I've got a question about sound configuration.
> I know I have a VIA  PCI audio controller :
> I/O 220-22F
> IRQ 5
> and it seems to be sound blaster compatible.
i have one of this on my laptop ... AFAIK it is compatible, but i 
couldn't make it work as a sound blaster.

> What should I do to get it working ???
after one try, another try, and another ... etc... i installed ALSA ...
and it works veeeery good :)

you need to download one of the lasts version, b'cos the via82xxxxx 
chipset is supported from version 0.5.x ... but AFAIK it's _not_ 
supported on the .deb package that comes with potato ... but i'm not sure 
about it ...

the only problem is that the hardware volume control and the software 
mixer are not related, so if you turn down the volume with the SW mixer 
and later you modify the volume with the HW control, you obtain a noisy 
memory of the way you modify the volume the last time ...

> Many thanks in advance,
> Olivier.

oki ... bye,

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