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APM support in kernel?

Or, I suppose, default debian kernel configuration.

After being away from Debian for quite a while, deceded to give the
apt-get system a try.  Loaded it onto my Toshiba (Sattelite something,
266 mhz).  Downloaded boot(rescue) and root disks, plugged in PCMCIA
ethernet card, plugged into DSL and booted up.

<sound of gigantic slurping as it sucked the wires dry>

Excellent!  Clean install, and 'apt-get install' is great for the
overlooked things.  No more 'install it just in case' -- leave it off and
install it only if you need it!!  Looks like a minimal system will grow 
over time to be comfortable.  -- now if there was only a pruning function
that would deinstall packages I haven't used in 6 months...

My problem:

The kernel comes without APM support.  OK -- compile one in.  Trivial,

Compiled kernels (multiple tries from Debian 2.2.17 source package) all
seem to fail on boot -- seems like it can't find disk /dev/hda !!!

Haven't tried one without APM, but have tried compiling file system
support in kernel and in modules.  (several combinations)

Has anyone had this problem?

More important, has anyone a suggestion or solution?



Morgan Hall
Wilsonville, Oregon

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