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slink->potato, then X missed scan freq

[my apologies to the owner, but i don't want to subscribe to a list for
a (i hope stupid) question...]
[[so, i'm not subscribed, reply please in private]]

I've upgraded from slink to potato my portable computer, a CompaQ LTE

Then X missed completely the scan frequencies (displaying strange lines
and strange light zones on dislpay). I've tried do fiddle with scan
freq in some way but i've no clue.

Luckily i've another slink machine, so i've reget the XF86_SVGA server
of slink, and all work well again.

Compact data:

PC: CompaQ LTE 5280
VGA: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Cirrus Logic GD 7543 [Viking]
XServer: XF86_SVGA
Modeline: "800x600"  36  800 840 968 1000  600 601 605 640  +hsync +vsync
	(getted from linux-laptop pages or link in here)


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